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Trends in Indian Wedding Photography

Indian Wedding

Wedding is undoubtedly the most important day of anyone’s life. The appeal of the wedding is such that it can bring all the emotions like smiles, tears, joy and love- all at once, and the best way to relive these treasured memories is by capturing the quintessence of wedding through skillful photography. Indian weddings are not only about sentiments a lot about color, fun and frolic too.

Weddings in India are one of the most extravagant and grand affair. Thus, no big, fat Indian wedding is whole without an impressive photo album. Indian wedding photography, like any other aspect of Indian weddings has kept pace with the changing trends.

Today’s weddings are all about natural look and gone are the days when people took pictures in different poses. When the married couple wants to look back at their days through these pictures, they don’t want to look at fake pictures and that too with those poses and plastic smiles. What they are hoping for is to relive those emotions and cherish those memories. This article elaborates some of the prevalent styles in Indian wedding photography.

Traditional Photography

The main feature of traditional photography is its formal approach. In this kind of photo shoot, all pictures are highly posed. The photographer tells the exact poses and timing for taking the pictures. This style of photography is considered outdated these days, but it may be preferred by older generation. Generally, the results of traditional photography stiffer images and many a times they are not up to the mark with the modern ceremonies.

Contemporary Wedding Photography

It has a more casual and relaxed approach since it is an informal genre of wedding photography. This kind of photography captures the spirit of fun and also freezes the natural moments of pleasure and fun. This contemporary style is able to produce exclusive records and no two weddings will look the same.

Reportage Type of Photography

Reportage photography is able to produce an honest record of your wedding. In this style of photography, the photographer is unnoticed most of the time as he remains hidden in the background. Thus as a result it would have least indulgence of the photographer while you are posing individually or in groups. Nowadays, this kind of photography is getting increasingly popular since it allows the individuals to be themselves on their special day. However, the downside is that you may not know what results you might get.

Proposal Photography

You might not have heard about this kind of photography but with changing trends, comes frank capturing of different moments, and what could be more special than marriage proposal. Proposal photography tries to capture the extraordinary moment of marriage with or without the awareness of either partner and thus can help seize that sensitive moment and passionate event forever. In this kind of photography, cherished memories live forever. You may or may not reveal the pictures to anyone but you may want to surprise your partner with an remarkable album on the wedding night.