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Hindu Wedding and Photography

Wedding Photography

Almost everyone knows that Hindu weddings are soaked in detailed rituals and religious customs and take place over the course of several days. Marriages not only bring two persons together, but they also fortify ties between the two families, and are a very important part of Hindu life.

The wedding rituals and customs may vary to an extent depending on the region in India; photography in wedding has always assumed great importance. In a Hindu wedding, apart from the main ceremony, either individually or together the couple has to go through a number of pre and post wedding rituals like engagement, mehndi, haldi or tilak.

Hindu weddings also involve a lot of singing and dancing. The family and friends of the couple involve in singing pleasant traditional wedding songs. Nowadays, there are also bands who play live music or jockeys who are invited to the ceremonies in order to entertain the guests.

Since the wedding ceremony holds so much importance for couple as well for their families, capturing the moments to make it unforgettable for the whole life is indispensable and the best way to do so is to find a good photographer who is able to capture these moments beautifully. Seizing these moments through camera is not just as simple as it sounds. It is an art which needs to be learnt through practice. Thus, it is very important that a wedding photographer should have creative skills which could be used to make wedding memorable for the rest of life.

A wedding photographer should always look for natural poses that could be snapped by combining light which creates fabulous images. Clicking the pictures, when a person is unaware may also lead to beautiful images. An expert who is shooting a Hindu wedding video should also have knowledge of all the related traditions. Hiring a part-time photographer would not be wise as it may happen that he or she may lack in skills and expertise that full-time or professional photographer would possess.

Anyways, Hindu wedding photography is famous all across the world, mainly for the reason of a lot of fun and frolic for the family members and friends and the countless number of rituals performed. Indian Hindu wedding is considered to be distinctive as compared to other traditional ceremonies and thus it is right on the part of the couple if they want to get the best. It is quite different from weddings performed in different parts of the world. The significance of huge crowd, company of extended family members, timely recital of auspicious rituals, must be appreciated by a photographer.

Thus a couple should get a number of quotes from various photographers, after seeing at the quality of the work performed by the photographers. One should be very cautious in choosing the right photographer; because it is memory for whole life. Your wedding photographer should have a complete understanding of the custom and rituals performed with various events. Hindu wedding is a blend of customs and ceremonies together with fun.